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Harvest-Pro Features

  • Greenhouse Management
  • Harvest Management
  • Post harvest Management
  • Analytics & reports
  • Resource Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Variety Management

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Harvest Management System

Harvest Pro is a cloud-based Farm Management system that enables farmers and agronomists to access, update and share field and crop data plans and records in real time.

With the most complete feature-set on the market, Harvest Pro empowers farmers to manage all field activities, finance, inventory, workforce and get insight into the overall farming performance with a single click.

Harvest-Pro Features

Greenhouse Management

Streamline your greenhouse management.

  • Set up greenhouses with unique identifiers. Each greenhouse has uniquely identified bays and rows.
  • This is important when keeping track of the plants and their productivity.
  • Assign each greenhouse to a specific greenhouse manager.

Harvest & Post Harvest Management

Manage your harvest and post-harvest operations with ease, keep the inventory details various grades, sorts. This helps you with customer dispatches, allows you to track the costs involved in the harvest activities and make them more efficient.

  • Each greenhouse has harvesters assigned to specific rows or bays.
  • After the harvest process the crops are assigned to unique drivers for transportation.

Warehouse Management

  • Create different warehouses to perform different tasks at various stages of the harvesting process. This may range from sorting to packaging for transportation.
  • Each warehouse is assigned a warehouse manager.

This involves grouping of crops based on their desirable traits including high yields, disease resistance, quality product and response to fertilizer.

  • Manage a different variety of crops and grades separately.
  • Each crop variety is allocated to a specific greenhouse bay and row.

Why you need a Harvest Management System

  • Global visibility of operations and supply chain.
  • Greater transparency
  • Ensure source traceability
  • Near real-time business intelligence
  • Reduced costs of operational

  • Increased internal controls
  • Better resource management
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased capacity to grow

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