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Livestock Management System

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Livestock-Pro Benefits

  • Log animal records online or from your mobile devices
  • Track genealogy, lineage and breeding information
  • Easily print pedigree certificates and bills of sale
  • Report on animal reproduction rates
  • Track animal production and yields
  • Gain insight into your profits and losses
  • Track and manage grazing rotation
  • Track & manage vaccinations and treatments
  • Record important reminders, notes, and activities
  • Assign and manage important tasks
  • Record and track growth rates
  • Securely store images and files in one place
  • Track an animals from birth to market
  • Manage breeding and reproductive health

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Livestock Management System


Livestock management is always a hectic process, especially when dealing with a variety of animals on the farm. Gone are the days when farmers used to take manual records of information concerning the animals being reared.

To keep up with the current trend, most farmers have incorporated livestock management systems/software to remain competitive in the market and also to boost their farm productivity. A livestock management system is a web-based system designed to ease the recording and processing of livestock data.


Livestock-Pro is a Livestock management software that assists farmers to record and keep track of their livestock from birth all the way to sale. It captures all events of an animal as well as keep track of the most important dates such as breeding, calving, etc. With Livestock-Pro, one can keep track of the number of animals at the farm, costing and performance metrics as well as financial tracking from animal or animal product sales.

A livestock management system is a web-based system designed to ease the recording and processing of livestock data. Livestock-Pro is not specialized for use with any particular species or production system. Use Livestock-Pro with data for any livestock species. Besides, for a variety of purposes, such as research, extension and commercial production.

  • Rapid Data Entry
  • Customizable Reports
  • Database Backup
  • Shed Management
  • Vaccine Management
  • Purchase Management

  • Sales Management
  • Expense Management
  • Financial Reports
  • Supplier Database
  • Client Database
  • Staff Database

  • Pasture Management
  • Feed Management
  • Detailed livestock records
  • Grazing Management
  • Breeding management
  • Medical Records

Livestock-Pro Features

Detailed Livestock Records

Record core animal details and manage pedigrees.

  • Livestock-Pro provides characteristics such as breed, gender, sire, dam, birth date, birth, weight, birth ease and more.
  • Keep detailed notes and save pictures of each animal in your herd.
  • Enter multiple RFID tags for tracking purposes. Enter events that happen to the animal throughout its lifetime.
  • Provide standard purebred information such as registration number and trait information (Expected progeny differences – EPDs).

Graze Management

This module helps in the process of livestock management to make the best use of the pastures grown or managing the frequency and intensity with which livestock graze the pasture.


Pastures respond differently to grazing, and by understanding the growth characteristics of a particular pasture, grazing can be used to encourage plant growth and maintain productivity. This is also an important factor in the management of soil, water, and nutrients.

Precision Feeding

This is a highly effective tool in enabling a reduction of feed intake per animal while also maximizing individual growth rates. Livestock-Pro feeding management module enables the provision of the right amount of feed, in the right nutrient composition, at the right time, and for each animal individually.


Pasture Management

Pasture management module allows farmers to move animals from one location to another hence track the location history.

Rapid Data Entry

Enter multiple animals in a sequence at once. Establish a template animal, provide a starting ID number, ending ID number and any formatting you wish to be.

Record sale information which is great for buying a load of animals. Get the basic information in upfront, then quickly modify each animal after they have been created using the “edit” option.

Roles & Permissions

For the purpose of security the system has role-based access. The administrator sets roles ( user groups ) based on what the users are supposed to see or do in the website.

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