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Projects & Resources management

Team-K is an online Resource Management Software to help you get work done on time all the time!

Team-K is an online Projects and Resource Management Software that oversees the process of managing company projects through its life cycle.
It involves the planning, estimation and scheduling of the project as well as the ability to track dependencies and milestones.

Resource Management System Features

resource management

Resource Management

Resource management on Team-K helps you keep track of the workload assigned to a resource. As a result, no resource is over-worked or under-worked.

Time Tracking

We have several tools that help you stay on schedule, coordinate work as well as account for every hour of work.

PLANNED HOURS: Estimate the time taken by each task then compare with the time actually spent.

TIME SHEETS: Log billable and non-billable hours.

Task Management

Break up big projects into manageable parts with the task management module. Divide work to your team members and specifying start and end dates. Review each task progress from a variety of locations throughout the software.

TASKS: These define the basic unit of work in a project. Additionally, you can add a description, owner, priority, start and end dates, duration and more.

MILESTONES: A way to organize your project based on its most significant phases. Through Team-K you can assign a milestone owner and give it start and end dates.

DEPENDENCIES: This describes a relationship between tasks.

Role Based Access

Everyone accesses data based on the assigned user roles thus promoting security.

Project Management & Collaboration

Collaboration increases Productivity. Allow hundreds of team members work together on a project effectively while File sharing, team communication & team dashboards.

Consequently your Projects run smoothly and your customers are up to date with comprehensive messaging features. These are perfectly integrated with your existing emails.

Our powerful messaging tool will keep the discussion going and projects on track.

Real Time Reporting

Gain valuable insights on your team’s performance

  • Team-K enables you to track your project’s performance and KPIs on a dashboard with real-time data.
  • See work reports on all work, for instance, assigned tasks, completed jobs, missed deadlines, etc.
  • You will in fact, know exactly how utilized a team member is.

Client Management

Get a complete overview of a client – from the first interaction to the final invoice.

CLEAR DASHBOARD: Everything you need to know about a customer or supplier is on one page. For instance, Linked projects and files, communication history, sent invoices, quotes, and related users.

TIME TRACKING: Track both the actual and billable time spent on a project or a client. You can then transfer the hours to an invoice.

AUTOMATION: Automate invoice reminders.

Charts & Reports

Detailed visuals on your team’s progress lets you know where the bottlenecks are so you can take action. Gain valuable insights on your resources’ performance with Team-K resource management software.

GANTT CHARTS: See how your progress stacks up to the plan. Here, you can revise and edit your plans using simple drag-and-drop actions.

CUSTOM REPORTS: Generate custom reports ranging from employee hours to task hours.

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