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QuickPOS: Cloud-Based POS Software

Get insights into who your best customers are and what you can do to engage them. Quickpos is a retail management system for small to mid-sized businesses. It also offers inventory management, customer management, and retail accounting. This includes general ledger, buy orders, and payroll processing.

QuickPOS is a powerful Cloud-based POS software. Sell products in-store & on-the-go using any device, for any outlet, anywhere. Use the power of the cloud point of sale to manage sales, inventory and everything between.


Log purchases and keep in touch with customers through marketing tools.


Provide clock-in/clock-out tools and manage scheduling and payroll.


Manage quantity of stock to determine when and how often to restock.


Record and analyze sales data to make informed business decisions.

POS System Features

Inventory Management

QuickPOS gives you the ability to control stock by categorizing and tracking items. This ensures increased productivity and sales.
Reduced administration burden.

Sales Management

The POS software terminal will run a tab, receipt cash sales, or send transactions to QuickPOS for consolidated invoicing.
Instant update on stock levels.

Reports & Analysis

Get daily sales reports and journals. POS reports identify sales trends, cash point performance hence reflect cost versus sales price.

Loyalty Card Management

Cashiers can issue loyalty cards and assign a transaction to the customer’s loyalty card. Thereafter they can use the loyalty points as a form of payment for transactions.

Inventory and price lookup

Look up an item’s availability and/or price in all available stores in or in the connected E.R.P solution

Discount Management

Trigger discounts manually or automatically. These are then applied to a single item or to the total sale. Clear discounts with the click of a button.

Barcode Scanning

Configure bar codes to scan and identify items and customer details. They can also trigger a gift card or a credit memo

Cash Management

Manage float entries, safe drops, bank drops, tender removal. These can all be in defined currencies and denominations.

Multiple Tender Types

Our POS software offers you a flexible payment methods. During the checkout process the customer can pay in Cash, Cheque, Mobile Money e.t.c.

Transaction on Hold

Allow the till user to save a current customer’s transaction. This allows them to return or pick up more items as the cashier serves a waiting customer. The cashier can retrieve the transaction and / or completing the sale.

Employee reporting

Who are your top-performing associates? Is there anyone who needs to improve? Are you setting the right sales targets?

Customer reports

Get insights into who your best customers are and what you can do to engage them.

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